Managed Services Video

The powerful visuals in this video represent the changing path of partner managed services where customers, partners, and Cisco come together to shape the future.

Take It Back Video

This video demonstrates how to use the Send IT Back (SITB) app. The SITB app shows costumers how to return and recycle equipment they no longer use properly, and a sustainable and responsible way to do so.

Sustainability Social Media Campaign

Decca developed this awareness campaign to help promote Cisco’s sustainability initiatives and demonstrate how Cisco will partner with Service Providers as they strive to make their own business more sustainable. A sustainable future. Now and together.

Managed Services Video

This anthem video establishes the incredible opportunity for managed service providers and details Cisco’s commitment to the program.

Packet Tracer Demo

This video demonstrates the value of Cisco Networking Academy Skills for All Packet Tracer courses. The simulation environment was used to inspire learners and get them excited about gaining valuable network building experience.

Next Level Certifications

In coordination with the announcement at Cisco Live, Decca created this anthem video to generate excitement around the future of Cisco certifications.

Certifications CCNA Web Series Campaign

Decca developed assets for this social media program to promote a CCNA Essentials Webinar Series. This event was key for IT professionals to continue studies and prepare “virtually” for the CCNA certification exam.
Intent Based Networking iTalk

Cisco Live Speaker Template

This is Decca’s tenth year providing presentation support for Cisco Live. Not only have we helped create a consistent brand experience, we developed a PowerPoint template that was easy for presenters to communicate complex, technical information. Plus Decca provided online support and brand review before and during the event.
Cisco Live Speaker Template

SecureX Demo

Decca was asked to create an HTML interactive demo to showcase the Cisco SecureX platform. The platform is a starting point for an integrated security experience across endpoints, networks and clouds.

Certifications CCNA Film

Cisco wanted to demonstrate their commitment to an audience starting out in certifications. This video was developed to promote the Cisco Certifications program and highlight the possibilities and success with obtaining a career in IT.

Collaboration Headset Marketing Collateral

Decca worked with the Collaboration team to create marketing assets for Cisco and Cisco partners to co-brand, deploy, and educate the buyer about important considerations when choosing a headset. Together we created a buyers guide, customer brochure, sales presentation, and co-branded web banners, emails, social media graphics and landing page.
Headset 500 Series Customer Brochure
Collaboration Headset Marketing Collateral Brochure
Headset 500 Series Buyers Guide
Collaboration Headset Marketing Collateral Buyers Guide

Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Infographic

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Infograhic

Cisco Live 2016

Decca helped over 750 Cisco Live speakers to improve their presentations.

Cisco Live continues to be one of the leading technical conferences in the U.S. The highly anticipated and well-attended annual event is where technology professionals gather to share innovative ideas and transformations taking place in our digital world.

 Cisco Live 2016

A Winning Strategy for Consistent Branding

At Cisco Live 2016 in Las Vegas, a record of more than 28,000 people attended in person, along with a massive virtual audience. Decca’s Cisco Support Team provided assistance for 600 PowerPoint presentations before the show in less than a month, and 760 presentations onsite. This was an increase of 236 decks from the prior year, and accounted for approximately 75,000 slides.

Raising the Bar for Presentation Excellence

Five years ago, when Cisco recognized the need for greater visual and technical consistency during the annual conference, Decca came up with the solution of a Decca Support Team. Each year, Decca designed a PowerPoint template that met the needs of conference organizers and followed the Cisco brand guidelines. The next step was to make sure that presenters could get their ideas and visuals across effectively. Thus the review process
was born.

Custom Tools for Onsite Efficiency

The Decca team is onsite during the conference, reviewing final presentations and providing last-minute assistance to any speakers who need it. To handle this volume of work quickly without impacting speaker schedules, Decca developed a tracking tool to track daily workflow and make sign-in easier for speakers. The tool featured a walk up sign-in, pre-populated with session IDs and speaker names, so speakers could sign in quickly and get on the wait list or make appointments during busy times. A recently added function in 2016 sent speakers text reminders of their appointment time. They could respond if they were unable to make their appointment, and even reschedule.

A New Level of Client Service

As the next step in achieving presentation excellence, Decca President Sheila Hatch hosted a WebEx conference for approximately 350 Cisco Live speakers. The session included best practices in creating presentations, and examples of compelling visuals that are concise, and consistent with Cisco corporate brand initiatives. Decca also provided materials to help speakers make high quality presentations. The materials included an At-a-Glance PowerPoint tips and tricks, a presenter’s checklist, and various video tutorials for both PC and Mac users to assist in specific PowerPoint tasks.

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Scyber Animation

In an increasingly connected world, being hacked is no longer a matter of if, but when. This video promotes the value of Cisco’s Scyber Certification to IT security professionals. The video was broadly praised, even being honored with a Summit Emerging Media Award.

Cisco Learning Network – Fan Appreciation

Cisco’s Fan Appreciation Campaign Takes Off

Half a million fans on Facebook is a big deal. So when Cisco decided to capitalize on this monumental milestone, they asked for our help. Decca Design and Learning@Cisco have been teaming up since 2009.

 Cisco Learning Network – Fan Appreciation

Increase in Engagement

In that time, Learning@Cisco’s Facebook fan base has skyrocketed from 4,000 fans to well beyond 500,000 (and counting). That’s an annual growth rate of roughly 265%.

To show its appreciation to Facebook fans, Learning@Cisco and Decca launched “Fan Appreciation Week.” The week-long promotional event was filled with daily contests and terrific prizes. Showing gratitude wasn’t Cisco’s only goal. The group aimed to drive traffic to the Cisco Learning Network Store and position it as the premiere location for Cisco Certifications self-study materials and Cisco product training. A task Decca is always up for.

It Went Like Clockwork

There were a lot of moving parts to this complex promotion. Decca worked alongside the Learning@Cisco team to manage them all without a hitch. The social media and email campaigns attracted new daily fans. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts kept the fans engaged throughout the week. Decca owned every aspect of the event from launching the pre-contest marketing, to contacting contest winners to claim their prizes.
The results of this promotion were impressive:

  • 8,618 new Facebook fans
  • Averaged 264% weekly increase in fans
  • 19,879 promotional Facebook tabs views
  • 713 total entries
  • 437,516 post views (2,416% growth)

Sharing the Ride Proves Successful

Fan Appreciation Week turned into a smashing success. The campaign was named a finalist in PR News’ Social Media Icon Awards category of Facebook/Contests/Games. On the heels of this successful campaign, Decca and Learning@Cisco continue their partnership, broadcasting new announcements, promoting special offers, and building stronger fan relationships. We could point to several reasons for our successful teamwork but, ultimately, it comes down to effective collaboration.

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